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The name has been around since 2006 but the band in its current incarnation has been playing live shows and producing musical arrangements since the later half of 2009. The Radar Cinema is Jordan Sudak, Will Duckworth, Nick Laws, Jean Paul Hare and Eric Parton…

“A Radar Cinema song is a supernova – a spectacular frission of elements expanding in space.” -  Steven Uhles, Augusta Chronicle (Read More)

The Radar Cinema was formed around a table at an irish pub in Atlanta, GA by Eric Parton and former vocalist Mikel Hutchings. Having rounded together a couple of musicians from the greater Atlanta area, the band was presented with the problem of finding an affordable practice space. Having free access to space in Augusta, GA, Eric and Mikel decided it would be better to foot the gas bill than to rent space in the city which lead to the eventual need for a replacement guitarist and bassist.

Having known guitarist Will Duckworth from previously living in Augusta, Eric brought him on board almost immediately. At the time, Will worked for a local music store with Nick Laws who was soon introduced to the band and brought on as the permanent bassist. This line up produced a demo recorded by Nick in 2007 and performed locally until 2008. At that time, due to financial burdens, Mikel parted with the band and The Radar Cinema continued as an instrumental act.

In 2009, the band put out a call for a new vocalist on Craigslist and auditioned various vocalists. Through the military, Jean Paul Hare was being stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta and auditioned as a vocalist. In the same weekend, The Radar Cinema had performed in Spartanburg, SC along side Suhgarim, a metal band based out of Columbia, SC. The singer and guitarist recommended their son, Jordan Sudak, as a good vocal match for the band. After auditioning both Jean Paul and Jordan, the band decided to keep them both, as they each brought something unique to the sound.

The band wrote new material and adapted some older material to the new sound that would emerge from the addition of Jean Paul and Jordan. The band teamed up with recording engineer Morgan Parham after meeting him at a show at The Playground in downtown Augusta. Morgan offered to record a free song for the band, who reluctantly agreed. They came to the studio with a new song, Super Ghouls And Ghosts, and began laying down tracks. It soon became clear that Morgan was a more than capable engineer and meshed well with the band. The band would later come back to record Consignment and The Arduous Climb, then ask Morgan to rework their previous recording titled Bob Vs The Apprentice. The result would become Bird Meets Worm.

Bird Meets Worm, a thirteen track album, was released digitally on September 25th, 2011 on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp.com. The following Friday, September 30th, the band celebrated the release with a concert at Augusta’s Sky City music venue. A limited run of physical CDs were produced and included with admission. Bird Meets Worm was met with critical praise from music journalists as well as the band’s growing fan base.

In December of 2011, Jean Paul played his last concert with the band at the Imperial Theater for the annual 12 Bands of Christmas show after being relocated by the military to Colorado. The band still considers Jean Paul to be an integral part of The Radar Cinema and hope that he can continue to work with the band in the future to any extent possible. In the meantime, The Radar Cinema continues as a four piece. They play often in the Southeast and  are currently writing for what will become their next full length album.


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